New sewage lines are being built in Ahmadli settlement

Created: 29-11-2023 15:32


The State Water Resources Agency of Azerbaijan has started the implementation of a new project to improve the waste water discharge services. Sewage networks are being expanded on Shahin Samadov Street, Khatai District, Ahmadli, Baku.

Although there is a sewage network in a part of Sahin Samadov Street, it has become unusable due to its exploitation for many years. In other parts of the territory, waste water is removed by individual lines laid by the residents. Due to the fact that the existing network does not meet the operational requirements, problems often arise in the sewage system. The project was developed in order to ensure the centralized collection and removal of waste water generated in this area. According to the project implemented at the expense of internal resources, a 3 km long sewage line is being built along Sahin Samadov Street. Houses and facilities in the area will be connected to the new network. The new sewer line will be connected to a 1200 mm diameter collector passing nearby. Currently, the creation of the network continues intensively, and the work will be completed in December of this year.

This project, implemented for the purpose of waste water management, is important in terms of ensuring environmental safety in the area, as well as improving the living conditions of the population.