Interference in water meters

Once a water meter has passed state inspection and been installed and sealed in an assigned location, no consumer or any third person shall cause any physical impact to it. A controller of Sukanal office shall, not less than once a month, check and read subscribers’ water meters.

     If a controller detects and has any doubts of a failure or improper functioning of water meter, the following actions shall be taken: 

1.    Water meter shall be dismantled and sent to an emergency/premature state inspection following the issue of relevant case report.

2.    Water meter shall be checked for witnessing whether or not outside impacts had been posed; 

3.    An official statement shall be prepared in order to determine its fitness for use and whether or not an outside impact had been posed;

     In some cases, interference in water meter is determined by visual inspection without any need to send it for public inspection (e.g. perforated or broken screen or body of water meter; broken or displaced seal etc.). In this case, a case report is compiled by the controller and signed by the consumer or his/her authorized representative. When the consumer or his authorized representative refuses to sign the case report, then another authorized representative (usually site manager) of Sukanal Office shall sign the act in order to confirm its truthfulness.

     Consumer must immediately inform Sukanal Department when the water meter or its seal is damaged by him/her. Sukanal’s specialist will investigate the situation in place and compile a case report. Any damage caused to a water meter or its seal due to negligence of consumer can be considered as an intervention to water meter. Therefore, integrity of water meter and its seal shall be ensured by consumers wherever repair and other works are being implemented. 

     When a relevant case report is compiled by Sukanal Department to confirm the evidence of intervention to water meter or when a written opinion is issued by laboratory to that effect:

1.    A relevant case report is compiled in confirmation of damage to “Azersu” OSJC as a result of interference in water meter and a request shall be made to the consumer for payment of accrued debt within 5 days.

2.    Costs for obtaining a new water meter, state inspection, installation and sealing shall be borne by the consumer.