Call center

All possible measures are taken by “Azersu” OJSC for improvement of the quality of services rendered to consumers and prompt solution of problems arising thereof. For this purpose, 24-hour active Call Center was established. “Azersu” OJSC requests the population to dial 955 and inform Call Center about water supply problem, accidents on transmission mains, distribution lines and sewerage networks.  Each appeal entering 955 is immediately taken under control.

  Subscribers are encouraged to apply local Sukanal Offices in connection with minor problems occurring in their apartments (for instance, when technical failure occurs in their water meters; when supervisors do not read water meters and issue appropriate notifications, in case of any misunderstanding in respect of payments and debts).

Region Sukanal Department Connection Telephones

Sabunchu Sukanal Office                 425-53-50

Surakhani Sukanal Office                 477-48-61

Khazar Sukanal Office                      459-94-65

Nizami Sukanal Office                      520-05-80

Nasimi Sukanal Office                      530-44-06

Sabail Sukanal Office                       502-46-99

Yasamal Sukanal Office                   533-13-25

Khatai Sukanal Office                       371-65-42

Narimanov Sukanal Office                493-12-28

Binagadi Sukanal Office                   562-14-17

Garadag Sukanal Office                   445-92-59

Baglar Sukanal Office                       348-42-70

Pirallahi Sukanal Office                     556-59-30

Absheron SukanalOffice                   342-11-29 (100)

Sumgayit Sukanal Office                   018-655-62-40