A person who stole water meters from 11 houses in Binagadi settlement has been detained

Created: 19-11-2021 17:37

A person suspected of stealing 11 water meters installed by “Azersu” OJSC at various addresses has been detained in Binagadi district. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of the operation carried out by the Binagadi District Police Office's 43rd Police Department, Teymur Allahverdiyev, suspected of committing thefts in Binagadi settlement, was detained and brought to justice. In his testimony, the person said that he divided the stolen meters into parts and sold them to metal reception points. Some of the stolen meters were found by the detainee and seized as material evidence. The materials collected at the 43rd Police Station were sent to the Binagadi District Police Office. If there are other citizens affected by the illegal actions of Teymur Allahverdiyev, they can inform the Binagadi District Police Office, local police, as well as the "102" Service Call Center and the official social network accounts of the Ministry.